Ultimate Guide To Choose Your Hat
Ultimate guide for Hat

There are many different types of hats are sold in the market. Here is what you should know about various styles of hats

Hat Styles

1) Beret Hat

Do you remember last time you saw a painter, artist or some military soldier? You might have seen Beret hat on their heads. Beret hat is round shape, flat crowned and made of soft materials like cotton, wool or acrylic fibers. Some people wear this hat straight on the head and some people ( especially European ) keep it hanging on one side of the head. This hat was originated from Spain & France. Beret hats have been more commonly used with western outfits and it looks a real great combination. 

2) Apple Cap

This cap / hat is inspired from the shape of apple and contains 8 adjoining panels and has a button sewn on the top. This one is one of the most commonly used caps.

3) Trucker Cap

It seems similar to baseball cap, but is slightly different. It has 2 plastic straps can interlock together in order to adjust the size of the cap.

4) Beanie / Stocking Cap / Watch Cap

This one you must have seen during winter season. Beanie hat is made of wool or cotton, and it is close fitting in order to provide warmth and protect from wind in the winter. There are some variations of this hats: Long hat or curved top. 

5) Big Brim / Floppy Hats

This hat is now more commonly used to protect from Sun, and commonly worn at outdoor places like beach. Floppy hats are more commonly found in Bohemian and hippie culture but now more and more people have accepted them. This hat also enhances the looks of a lady especially if she has long and curly hair. Hat has a circular part to cover head and a wide brim of width 6-10 inches. You will find different colors and materials Floppy hats in the market. 

6) Boater / Skimmer Hat

This special kind of hat looks very flat. It is made of straw and has flat crown and narrow / small brim on the side. Mostly there is a ribbon as junction of the crown and brim. You must have seen someone wearing this kind of hat when you attended any fishing, boating or sailing event. 

7) Boonie Hat

If you have seen any Hollywood movie on Vietnam war, you must have seen Boonie hat worn by Vietnamese people.  This hat originated there and is made of various materials like cotton, canvas or polyester. Hats consists of 3 main components. Crown, Small Brim and a chin string.

8) Bowler / Derby Hat

This hat type is the most distinct one and anyone can identify it easily. Derby hats are also known as bowler hats. As the name Derby suggests, this hat was more commonly worn when women went to see Polo Matches and horse race in England. Over the time this hat has gained much popularity, and now it is known in the whole world. 

9) Bucket Hats

As the name suggests it shape looks like a bucket. It has sloppy brimand a flat, bigger crown. Bucket hat is made from materials like polyester or cotton. Nowadays there are many printed bucket hats are available,that gives you stunning looks and sun protection.

10) Cloche Hats

This hat looks elongated and has very narrow brim. Cloche hat also have some curls and curves in the crown. This hat originated from France and then became popular worldwide. Sometimes you find other decorative elements on the hat like flower, button etc.

11) Fascinator Hats

As the name suggests, this hat is really fascinating and has been used by royal families women. Hat is made with decorations on headband or hair clip. Decoration may be with feather, flowers, beads etc. Following the royal wedding this unique style got huge comeback. Unlike other hats, Fascinator hats are smaller in size and does not have typical crown and brim.

12) Fedora Hat

Fedora is more commonly seen hat types.It suits almost all the people and hence widely used all over the world. Almost every Hollywood movie features someone wearing fedora hat in the movie. Brim of the hat is slightly curved. Some hats have decorative band around the crown.

13) Fez – Fes Hat

Fes is a place in Morocco, North Africa and this Fez hat is believed to originated there. This hat has gained popularity recently and now being used in Americas as well. Hat has a typical cylinder like shape that narrows at the top. It also has a tassel as a part of it. 

14) Gambler Hat