The ultimate online shoe-shopping guide that every woman needs!
Women Shoes guide

Want to shoe-shop online but feeling clueless? We have your back, jack! Read on to know everything that you need to know about buying shoes online. You can thank us later!

Top 10 types of women’s shoes (Trending in 2020):

You have been planning to give your shoe cabinet a makeover with in-trend items forever. But you feel lost every time you come across those flashy, shiny shoe catalogs and feel lost! Well, we have all been there. To grab a perfect pair of shoes (or 10 of them! After all, there is no thing as ‘too-many-shoes’), first you need to know the different types of shoes that are trending right now!

  1. Wellington boots:
wellington boots for ladies

No other footwear is perhaps as sexy as the wellington boots. These versatile footwear were popularized by the 1st Duke of Wellington (and hence the name) in the 19th century. Its popularity has only risen since. 

  1. Ballerinas:
Ballerina shoes for ladies

Gone are the days when only ballerina dancers would wear these comfortable yet super attractive shoes. Ballerinas are one of the most popular styles among the smart, modern tribe of women who prioritize comfort without compromising with style.

  1. Wedges:
Wedges for girls

Wedges, or wedge boots are shoes that have a single piece of material forming both the sole and the heel. This unique design gives these shoes the shape of a wedge. They are also known as platform heels. Wedges have been around since our ancestors reigned over medieval Rome and Greece. Pretty awesome, huh!

  1. Canvas shoes:
Canvas shoes for girls
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Do you think canvas shoes are only for students and geeks? Think again! When paired with the right kind of outfit and accessories, canvas shoes make quite a statement.  Whether it’s a picnic at Central Park or a meet-up for Sunday brunch, canvas shoes always stand out.

  1. Gladiators:
Gladiator shoes for girls

Another ancient style from the Roman and Greece era, the gladiator sandals, as the name suggests, were worn by gladiators in wars. The millennial women are often seen to use this very pretty, very sexy weapon in their fashion wars today.

  1. Pumps:
pumps sandals for girls

The perfect pair of pumps can amp up your fashion meters quite significantly. Whether it’s an evening gown or a cocktail dress, pumps go well with all kinds of dresses. A nice pair of pumps, much like the stilettos, is a must-have in every woman’s closet. 

  1. Stilettos:
stilettos for girls
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What more can we say about stilettos that haven’t been said already! Stilettos are the goddesses of the shoe world. The sleek, slim pair of shoes, characterized by the long, pencil-like heels is not just reserved for the catwalk anymore; in fact, wearing a stiletto can turn your regular walk into a catwalk any day!

  1. Peep-toes:
Peep toes for women

Peep toes came into fashion around the late 90s and early 2000s, and I personally think we have Sex and the City to thank for its popularity. Peep-toes go well with almost all kinds of outfit, be it trousers, skirts, dresses, or gowns. If you are a fan of stylish footwear, you must gift yourself a pair!

  1. Sneakers:
Nike sneakers for women
Nike Sneakers

And we are back to comfort street from fashion street again! Sneakers are both useful and good-looking. The charm of sneakers lies into its simplicity and the comfort it offers. After all, feeling comfortable in your attire is the key to look confident and hot!

  1. Kitten heels:

Not comfortable with 6-inch stilettos? We have kitten heels for you! The subdued version of kitten heels is embraced by the Gen-Z women because of their functionality and versatility. The ornate and vibrant heels make quite a statement every time you wear it.

kitten heels.JPG

Top online women’s shoe brands:

Now that you have sorted out the types, the next big question is: High Street or Couture? I am a firm believer of affordable shopping because my years of raiding the high street brands have enriched me with the profound knowledge: Money has very little to do with fashion. It’s how you pull off your whole attire.

Nevertheless, over the last two centuries, a number of the most famous and popular high-end brands have significantly impacted the trends and styles of shoe world. Here’s an ode to those iconic shoe brands and their most admired shoes.

  1. Chanel

The two-tone slingbacks introduced in 1957 is our pick from a pool of equally worthy designs, simply because of its mass-popularity. The charm of the Chanel slingbacks lies in its simplicity.

Chanel Slingbacks.JPG
  1. Christian Louboutin

The pigalle takes the cake here. Available in varieties like pigalle pumps, pigalle follies, and others, these shiny leather shoes in black or nude speaks class and elegance like no other.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies.JPG
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  1. Manolo Blahnik

How can we possibly play favorites with Manolo shoes! Still, if we have to, we pick 2 of their best sellers, the Hangisi (courtesy Carry Bradshaw!) in royal blue, and the BB in Black and White.

Manolo Hangisi.JPG
  1. Jimmy Choo

The trophy of the most iconic Jimmy Choo goes to the simple, classic, no-nonsense Romy. Other chart-toppers include the Minny for its red-carpet popularity, and Ivy for its posh and aristocratic appearance.

Jimmy Choo Romy.JPG
  1. Gucci

Gucci singlehandedly popularized the comfortable and functional loafers in the women’s shoe department. So, we too stick to the obvious and vote for the jordaan loafers.

Gucci jordaan loafers.JPG

Top online stores for women’s shoes:

Although we admire (to the point of envy) the Jimmy Choos and the Chanels as much as we do, for our daily needs, we often need more affordable options. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, if you are well-aware of yourself and what looks good on you, you can turn heads and inspire a few gasps and gushes from the on-lookers even while sticking to the budget. So, here is a list of our most favorite online shoe stores that have something for everyone!

What’s best: Sneakers, Sandals, Wedges

What’s best: Slingbacks, Mules, Sandals

What’s best: Mules, Boots, Loafers

What’s best: Sandals, Sneakers, Boots

What’s best: Sneakers, Slip-ons, Flats

So, which items are you adding to your shoe collection this month? Let us know in the comments!