How to buy women watches online- A Complete Guide
women watches shopping guide

Watches are as much part of your OOTD as are your shoes and earrings. And it is the only part of your attire that you can wear repeatedly and yet create a new look with them every time. But don’t we all run into a dilemma every time we have to select one? Should it be trendy or practical? Do I want ornamental or minimalist? We can’t decode your personal style for you, but we can walk you through the most popular options you have right now when it comes to selecting a watch.

Most popular women’s watches to buy in 2020

When it comes to design, you have a plethora of options while selecting watches! If you’re a fan of minimalism, go for skeleton or classic white watches. If you like accessorizing with fresh and vibrant designs, go for printed and floral watches. And if you’re all about productivity and fitness, there’s always the smart-watch! So get a good look at this guide and choose what matches your vibe!


It tells time, counts the number of calories you lost, and notifies you about emails, calls, and texts. Need I say more about why a smart-watch should be an essential component in the wardrobe of the 21st-century woman?

Smart watches for ladies

Rose Gold watches

Be it an iPhone or a watch, this color spells Chic with a Capital C! Be it the rose gold dial or a metal band, this color will give your plain gold watch a run for its money!

Rose gold watches

Skeleton watches

These watches have dials which expose the gears and inner machinery of the watch. This has been a staple in the gentleman’s wardrobe for a while, but of late, watchmakers have realized this alluring style of a watch should adorn the wrists of the bold, modern woman as well!

Skeleton watches for ladies

Floral watches

Be it lunch with the ladies or a presentation for the boss, floral watches work for all occasions! So whenever your outfit feels a little too drab, strap on a perky floral watch and voila, you’re ready for the day!

Printed watches

If you’re going for bold and quirky, a printed watch is your best bet! You could use leopard print to make a statement or just add some life to your outfit with a few owls or elephants on the band of your watch!

Cool watches for girls

White Watches

Classic and timeless, white watches will always be a constant in my collection! If you’re going for simple, a plain white band and dial will do, and if you want to add more sheen to your dress, you can go for a watch with a few tiny diamonds embedded in the dial!

Adidas Sports Watches For girls

Top Watch Brands for Women

There are quite a few affordable watch brands out there who churn out amazing designs at affordable rates. We buy them, we wear them, we love them! But sometimes, we like staring longingly at the big four- Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, and Hublot, and collect a few of them whenever our wallets approve! 


With their radical innovations in the field and solid quality, Rolex have become the ultimate name in the watch industry! The watches are designed to have a stylish metal finish, legendary durability, and technical precision. Our favorite is the Rolex Lady-DateJust 26 Everose Gold and Steel Women’s Watch- smart, feminine, and made of the Rolex’s very own Everose Gold which does not tarnish!


The oldest on the list, Cartier has been ruling the roost for ages now! It is famous for its slender and feminine designs and its top-selling watch design, the Ballon Bleu has been spotted on the wrists of women like the Duchess of Cambridge and Kris Jenner!


Though Piaget is celebrated for their understated elegance and minimalism, they have a wide range of watches which you can pick and choose from to clearly define your personality! You can go for the minimalist Altiplano model with a slender band and an off-white round dial, or you can go for a more ornamental look with the Grey Satin ladies watch, which has an 18k white gold case and a diamond-encrusted dial (picture below).

Piaget ultra luxurious possession watches
White Gold Diamond Watch


Hublot has been associated with cars and races for a while and they have carefully incorporated these sporty vibes into their watches over the years! Metal finish and gear elements etched on the dial- Hublot has created an empire on the shoulders of their iconic “Chronograph” models!

Top Online Women’s Watch Stores

As much as we’d like those diamond-encrusted dials and white gold cases, we can’t run through our whole bank balance for them! So instead, we go hunting for the more affordable versions of these, which are no less chic or elegant. And what better place to search for them than these online stores!


This is the best option if you have a tight budget!


This is your best bet for securing the authentic Gucci and Ted Baker watches online.

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Bloomies has the best of the designs and brands-right from Daniel Wellington to Fendi!

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The Most Expensive Women’s Watches

Though we already know that Rolex and Cartier are obscenely priced, the watches from these companies that are listed below give the word “expensive” a whole new meaning! 

  1. Cartier Bestiaire Evol D’un Phoenix Dark Purple Mother of Pearl with diamonds Feather dial Ladies Watch- $173,000

This Cartier watch is the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship! It has a white gold case and a fixed bezel set with diamonds. But what makes it a real looker is the phoenix on the dial, created entirely out of diamonds!

  1. Cartier Crash Watch-$ 117,000

With a pink gold case, scratch-resistant sapphire dial and a diamond fixed bezel, this timepiece from the Swiss brand is an investment worth making! It is uniquely crafted and spells elegance with an E!

  1. Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon Ladies Watch- $33,500

This watch is a work of art! The case, dial and band are all classic rose gold and the bezel is set with sixty 18k diamonds. But what will draw you towards the watch is the crescent moon and stars on the dial, which sets this gem apart from other rose gold watches!

  1. Rolex Pearlmaster Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial Women’s Watch- $30,500

This timepiece from Rolex is quite the glitter to have on your wrist. It has a white gold case and a mother of pearl dial set with diamonds. The hour markers are also made of diamonds- bringing the total diamond tally of the whole watch to a whopping 31!

  1. Cartier Ballon Bleu Silver Dial 18k Rose Gold Ladies Watch- $15,495

This watch lies in the top bracket of the Ballon Bleu series which has made Cartier famous. It has a rose-gold bracelet and case, and a silver analog dial with two striking blue hands for hours and minutes. The hour markers, which are 12 pieces of diamonds, are the USP of the watch! 

  1. Chopard Imperiale Ladies Rose-Gold Diamond Watch- $42,000

No one gets diamonds (or women!) as well as Chopard does! This Swiss brand is famous for its jewellery line and they brought their finesse with diamonds to the watch industry as well! The case, the bracelet, and even the Roman numerals are rose-gold. But guess what justifies that exorbitant price-tag? The 58 diamonds set into the case and band!